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On September 6, 2011 by chrisj

Our focus is action-orientated advice that help decision-makers see around corners, identify and avoid impediments, adopt business controls that they can trust, while enabling the enterprise to achieve sustainable control of the asset life cycle using the best technology available.


Service Type Description


Consulting Best Practices Review, evaluation and refinement of business procedures that form the major activities of the asset life cycle
Site Survey Review, evaluation and planning for configuring and installing RFID readers and antennae (portals)
Integration Import Import file from third party application into Lockwood application
Export Create an export file (from a Lockwood application) to be imported into a third party application
Training Onsite Classroom-based training session held onsite in client environment
Web-based Remote training sessions conducted via Webex sessions
Installation Software Technical assistance onsite in client environment with the installation and setup of Lockwood applications
Comprised of documentation and telephone support
Technical resource is deployed at client facility
Hardware Installation of fixed RFID portals (readers and antenna)
Physical inventory Physical inventory, planning, counting and the tagging any type of real property, fixed assets and consumables
Reconciliation Reconcile results from a Lockwood-orchestrated physical inventory count to a pre-existing set of asset information
Electronic Process entails software-determined matching
Manual Process entails all software and paper trail matching
Appraisal Associating value to assets counted through Lockwood physical inventory process
Support & maintenance Remote, telephone support for reporting and resolution of technicalProblems related to the installation and ongoing use of Lockwood applications

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