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Asset management is a methodology, which an organization uses to track fixed assets. This methodology tracks your entire inventory through its life cycle  from procurement through disposal. This can include equipment, desks, chairs, computers, vehicles, and property. Asset management involves tracking the physical location of assets, managing demand for resources, as well as accounting tasks such as amortization.

Issues that are part of asset management include asset value and depreciation; purchasing requests, orders, and asset receipts; licenses, leases, maintenance, and other contracts; vendor service levels, and warranties; departmental and user data; and physical asset attributes.

One of the purposes of applying asset management is to keep track of important information such as how much an asset costs, whom it was purchased from, who is using it, where it is physically located, which department the cost should be assigned to, which vendor should be called for support, when a lease expires, when an asset should be retired, what the depreciation rate is, and so on. This, in turn, provides the basis for managing and optimizing an organization’s entire asset portfolio.


Public Sector

State, County and Local GovernmentsCounty

Lockwood assists state and local governments by providing tools and services that enable organizations to validate and secure their inventory and assets. The solutions incorporate integrated RFID and barcode hardware and software solutions that identify and maintain the integrity of inventory and asset data on an ongoing basis. Lockwood’s asset management solutions enable government organizations to optimize use of assets, improve security, meet audit requirements and provide better governance.


Public Safety

Lockwood provides public safety organizations with turnkey RFID-based asset management solutions that enhance organizations’ preparedness and accountability by identifying the location and condition of assets and inventory, tracking employee allocations and managing related data. Lockwood’s integrated hardware and software solutions can also be used to establish proof of chain of custody and create an unalterable time, date and location file to track the movement and identification of evidence for audit and forensic purposes.




First Responders


Lockwood’s integrated hardware and software asset management solutions allow first responders to fully account for and locate their assets, inventory and equipment, before and after respondingto incidents. Lockwood’s RFID-based solution enables organizations to establish and execute service and maintenance schedules, examine equipment condition and replenish consumed or expired inventory, providing database management that assists in recording and managing post-incident forensic information.

See Lockwood’s SmartTracker mobility product for details on how this product can assist with emergency managment incidents


County and City Healthcare

HealthcareLockwood’s inventory services and asset management technologies help healthcare providers meet JACHO and HIPPA requirements and improve operating efficiencies and safety. Inventory verification, cleaning schedules and equipment tracking can be automated using RFID data capture in conjunction with Lockwood’s information asset management and tracking software. These technologies also providing cost effective tools that assist providers with corporate governance, audit and improved customer care.







Corporate Sector

Our solutions have been implemented for customers throughout diverse industries including: advertising, automotive, banking, broadcasting, communications, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, insurance, legal, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, transportation and wholesale.

Fortune 500 companies throughout the world choose our software and our services as the solution that fits their need.



Lockwood’s solutions can be acquired on the US Communities Contract vehicle.

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