SmartTracker™  is an application used for collecting information on a mobile device. Designed with an intuitive user interface, customization of the application is easy using the forms wizard. SmartTracker adapts to any field activity using Operator-defined data collection forms. Forms are stored and selected from an integrated forms library.

The SmartTracker™ Operator is able to collect information; using a touch screen or by typing on the mobile keyboard, scanning bar codes or detecting RFID tags, can take digital pictures and capture fingerprints while obtaining GPS coordinates.

The SmartTracker™ Dashboard enables synchronizations of information from multiple devices simultaneously to a single control point, such as a laptop mounted in a vehicle.


Flexible – Operator-definable data collection forms

Diverse – Integrated with bar code, digital camera, GPS, RFID detection and biometrics

Communications – Information stored locally and communicated wirelessly

Dashboard ? Consolidates information into a single reference point – plotted on Google map, onboard reporting and data export capabilities

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