Software Installations

Lockwood’s software is distributed in installation kits, which are compatible with Windows Installer. Windows Installer manages the installation and removal of applications by applying a set of centrally defined set-up rules during the installation process. These set-up rules define the installation and configuration of the installed application, in addition to being used to modify, repair and remove existing applications. The Windows Installer technology consists of an installer service for the Windows operating systems and the package (.msi) file format used to store information regarding the application set-up and installations.

By distributing Lockwood’s software modules via downloadable Windows Installer installation kits, Lockwood enables customers to self-install the software without the assistance of an onsite Lockwood engineer. Customers are provided with unique accounts on Lockwood’s web site where they are given instructions on how to download software installation kits for each software module acquired from Lockwood. Each kit comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions.

To start the software download each new customer needs to obtain a customer account. To get started, please contact us using one of the methods below:

Technical support:
Lockwood Technology Corporation
6365 53rd Street N
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Phone:  727.897.5111
International:    001.603.296.1715

Use this form to submit a user account request to us directly.

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