Lockwood offers three levels of support for its product and services, all of which are delivered under contracts running for twelve (12) months from the date of initial product or service purchase.

Level 1

Remotely transacted, 30 minute response window, 10 hours per day, 300 days per year. On-site assistance is available upon demand on an hourly fee basis plus travel expense, with a minimum one-day (8 hour charge).

Level 2

Remotely transacted, 2 hour response window, 8 hours per day, 260 days per year

Level 3

Remotely transacted, next day response, 8 hours per day, 260 days per year

Customers under a current support and maintenance agreement are offered software patches and releases free of charge. Customers are provided a specific user account on Lockwood’s website through which access can be gained to the online knowledge base, and to gain access to electronic assistance including uploads and downloads.

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