Event Manager

EventManager™ is an automated event detection and management module. EventManager can be user defined to monitor for and automatically react to user-defined events, and supports Asset Tracker, StockManager and POManager modules.

EventManager™ is a pivotal module of the software and interfaces with all facets of the software suite to facilitate automatic response, notification and alerts to user-defined parameters. EventManager is designed to monitor and react to unexpected incidents, as well as to expected events.

The module offers the ability to define and associate any type of schedule or event to any asset for monitoring and notification. Examples of events or schedules include calibration checks, preventative maintenance schedules, inspection dates and certification routines.

EventManager™ is a rules-based software module that runs as a system service on the desktop. Rules within the module contain all the logic necessary for EventManager to detect and react to an incident or event. A rule is a series of instructions provided to EventManager by system users and are comprised of two primary components – triggers and actions. Triggers relate to specific incidents or events that require an action. Actions define the response EventManager is to take based upon specific triggers. EventManager stores rules in an MS SQL Server relational database.

The rules can be arranged in logical hierarchies with no limit to the number of tiers or conditions required for action to be taken.

EventManager™ is designed to also enable users to create ad hoc queries through point-and-click menus using standard MS Windows GUI and navigation tools.

Automatic alerts can be processed and sent out using on-screen presentations, cellular communication, pagers or email. EventManager’s uses include tracking assets and sending alerts if they are removed from certain locations, and notifying users of lease maturities, service schedules, replenishment cycles and disposal of assets upon decommissioning.

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