Bar Code Tags

Lockwood offers a wide variety of bar code; tags, types and materials. These are inclusive of blank of preprinted, thermal and aluminum and metal. please call for details and pricing.

 RFID Tags

Lockwood offers a wide variety of passive, ultra-high (UHF) EPC-compliant Gen 2 RFID tags. Tags are offered from; simple inlays to paper peel and stick to combination bar code and RFID to mount-on-metal tag types. Tags are offered in any size and antenna configuration and can be encapsulated in a number of protective housings to satisfy adverse environments. Lockwood has affixed tags to may various types of items including; computers, books, paper files, tools, fire fighting equipment, vehicles, weapons, furniture, people/wristbands, audio/video, controlled substances, evidence, clothing, badges, keys and more. Please call for details and pricing. A sample of tag types is depicted below:



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