Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker™ is the center of Lockwood’s software suite and provides comprehensive database administrative capabilities as well as a multitude of transaction-processing features.  The Asset Tracker™  module is powerful, rules-based, multi-user transaction processing software facilitating asset tracking and management. The software can track any type of tangible or intangible asset such as hardware, warranties and associated documents.

Asset Tracker™ automates business processes by integrating its asset tracking and management software modules with international standards-based data capture technologies such as barcode and RFID. Lockwood’s solutions enhance operational efficiencies and improve governance, accountability and risk mitigation.

Lockwood’s Enterprise Asset Management software operates as single enterprise-wide solution sets or as stand-alone modules. It seamlessly integrates automated data capture with users’ existing backend asset and property databases.

Lockwood is a certified systems integrator of world-leading EPC UHF Gen2 RFID equipment manufacturers, and integrates multi-vendor hardware into unified asset management systems for optimal business process performance and cost benefit.


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