About Us

We are Asset Tracking & Management Solution Providers

For 16-years Lockwood has been implementing comprehensive asset tracking software and asset management solutions for organizations within the public and private sectors, across many vertical markets throughout the world.

Lockwood provides focus throughout all aspects of the asset life lifecycle, with turn-key solutions comprised of; software, services and automatic data capture technologies including; bar code, RFID, GPS and biometrics.

We welcome you to browse our site to learn more about how Lockwood Technology can help you.


Guiding Principal:

It is important, when pursuing a goal, to remember that because the world is interconnected and flowing, so must be our decision-making. Responding responsibility to evolving expectations of; customers, partners, employees, shareholders and government is crucial to our future.

Our Approach:

Embracing innovation for the global enterprise will help with understanding how technology can guide people towards good decisions. Looking at your environment from different perspectives while gaining insights from the experiences of others, help you get where you need to go. We seek to earn your trust by offering immediate expert support and rock solid solutions.

The Value Proposition:

The answer lies with the integration of end-user designed rules, analytics, finance and operational data together in one spot, which in turn provides more insight into business intelligence. Our approach enables people to gather, visualize and analyze data in new ways providing greater insight quickly, while unifying actions across the global enterprise and your ERP systems.


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